Family functions

I heard Ryder grunting and rustling around in his room and found him bringing his shoes, pair by pair out of his closet.

The perfectionist admiring his work.

Thanksgiving #1 with dad and Becky

Since we won't be able to do our regular Thanksgiving festivities with JM's family, we went to their house Sunday to have lunch.

Since T was home from school, they wanted to keep Ryder for the night.  When they dropped him off the next day, we learned that his grandaddy gave him a bath before they left.  JM and I were starting to wonder if he accidentaly used conditioner... look at that slick down grease!

So glad Shelly was home from Seattle this week for Thanksgiving and we got lots of our high school friends and their babies over to our house to eat pizza and play, and the mommies catch up.  They really are the best cure, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, probably since the last time we were all together.

We did the best we could to get a group shot on Ryder's new bed.  Left to right: Mac (Shelly's), Sofie (Ashlea's), Swayze Jane (Maghen's), Ryder, and Levi (Lindsey's) crawling away.

Being entertained by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

They wanted to build a fort.

So glad I caught a shot of Ryder saying his blessing, even though we broke the southern code and wore a hat while praying.

Thanksgiving day at my grandmother's in Greenville.

Ryder looooves Kayla and Bennett

And we loooove our mama

All the girl cousins

Festivities continue at CC and Poppy's.  The kids stayed occupied in the pack n play for a good while.

Ryder and Sellers couldn't get enough of the cookies.

Taking a rest and watching movies.

 They wanted covers.


Sunday was the coldest day so far this year, but once a John Deere tractor is at your house, your child does not care the degree outside.  So 3 layers and a toboggan later, we went out to play.

Later on, things went from one extreme to the other.  After an afternoon of camo and john deere, I heard that familiar clunkity clunk I hear every now and then, which is the sound of Ryder prancing around in my heels.  He was so delighted to find a bag of bath and body works lotions.   

He was really into this little game of his.  After seeing how he organized his shoes, it did not surprise me that he look the lotions out of the bag and lined them up, put them back in, and repeat, repeat, repeat.

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