Ryder's 12 Month Checkup STATS!

Weight - 22lb 4oz - 50%
Height - 2 ft 6 in - 75%
Head - 48 cm - 90% (duh, again)

OH... and he took about three steps tonight!  Progress... progress.

While waiting on the doctor, I had to improvise.  I put his backpack on his back and it must've been a little heavy.  The moment he let go of that chair he flew backwards.  Whoops.

After his THREE shots.  Little baby tear broke my heart.  Mean nurse!


I am taking a six week online photography class for Digital SLR cameras beginning in October.  I have this nice camera and I need to put it to use.  The dial is probably rusted over just sitting on green (auto), because I don't know what else to do with it.  So, hopefully I'll have some pretty pictures to share very soon.

Speaking of pictures, I've been racking my brain about what I want to dress Ryder in for his upcoming photo sessions.  We've got three different sessions coming up, and I just have to have something so cute for each, hellooooo. 

Mini Sessions in September.  Then, Connie and Dee (Cherished Memories Photography) will be taking our Christmas Card pictures in October which I am super excited about!  I just hope JM will cooperate, he gets a little antsy when the camera comes out.  And, of course I have to have Christmas Pictures made with Santa.  Whew.  Three nice outfits.  I got myself in a little trouble today in one of the children's clothing stores, and that was only for one outfit :(


This is funny to me, and I laugh as I type this.  However, it's probably one of those "You had to be there" moments.  You know how they say texts can always be read wrong?  As in the person sending it can mean one thing, but the person receiving it might take it in a different way.  This probably isn't as funny to you as it is to me, but this is a text conversation JM and I had while he was on his way to Starkville for the game last Thursday.  For my sake, please keep in mind that he is always giving me random headcounts of events if there was a large crowd, or if it's is supposed to be a large crowd.

Text Conversation

John Michael: Record game tonight
Brittany: Really?  On a Thursday? 
John Michael: What's Thursday have to do with anything?
Brittany: I'm just surprised with it being a work day.  You do mean record attendance, right?
John Michael: Tivo the game
Brittany: You didn't answer my question about the attendance
Brittany: HAHAA nevermind, I get it

Record / Record ... get it?? 


I realized I didn't take any pictures of just Ryder at his birthday party, so I put his outfit back on him and took a couple.  This was when he had an ear infection which is why he is holding his ears, still so cute though.


The case of the missing feet.
Seriously, where are they?  That's creepy.

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Or should I say...
"If daddy does it, I'm on do it"

New funny thing Ryder does while laying on the changing table:  We will say, "Ryder, don't you do the crazy legs, don't you dare do it"  And he will start grinning so big and kick his legs all over the place.  It's soooooo cute! 

Also, everytime I leave him I'll ask for kisses or sugar and then I make the "mmm mmmmm" sound while I kiss him on the cheek or lips.  He usually will put his cheek up to mine and then ram his head backwards and look at his daddy and start snickering like he's embarrassed or something.  Tonight when I said it, he leaned in and puckered up right to my lips and went "mmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm".  

Can't take it, so CUTE! 

And I want to leave you with some MOMments.  I proudly made this word up for COMMENTS that MOM'S say... these are all things I have heard either my mom or my friends moms say at some point:

"Now, run to Krogers and pick up a gallon of milk." 
Correct term: Kroger

"I'm running by The Sonic's, want anything?" 
Correct term: Sonic

"Have you heard about that sale going on at Penny's?" 
Correct term: JC Penny

"I bought her a couple outfits from Azwools." 
Correct term: Az Well

"I wonder if they sell those shoes at Belk's?"
Correct term: Belk

And my personal favorite, said by my mom (a long time ago)
"Is Ambercrombie still at Northpark?"
Correct term: Abercrombie

Recently, my friend Devin and I were talking about songs, and I made the MOMment, "I think Blues Travelers sings that."  She immediately let me know what a "mom" I was, and that the band is called Blues Traveler (singular, not plural). 

I guess it comes with the territory...?

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  1. Too funny...my grandmother always says "sssrimps" and "Walmarts" and now I catch myself saying it too sometimes!