Cinco De MayNO

We are on the ninth day of Ryder's antibiotic for his ear infection and the first seven days he was doing great, but these past two days he just couldn't shake his fever.  I took him to the doctor this afternoon and first they checked his temperature, 102.6.  When the doctor came in, she checked his ears first since that's where the issue began and said "his ears look perfect" and then she put the large popsicle stick in his mouth and I said "so, is he getting any teeth?" thinking that was why she was looking in his mouth.  Instead she said, "no, but his throat looks nasty."  Apparently he has hand, foot and mouth disease, which is just a virus that is pretty common with babies.  There is nothing to do to treat it except Motrin/Tylenol for the fever.  So, instead of celebrating the wonderful holiday of Cinco de Mayo at one of our wonderful local Mexican establishments, we did it the good ole' Wilson way.
You know I love a good stat check up... and just three days short of his 8 month birthday, Ryder weighs 19 lb. 12 oz. 

We were getting ready for work the other morning and JM pulled out a white tshirt to wear under his button up, and look what was attached:
If you worked at a cleaners and saw this tshirt - without a stain - wouldn't you just assume it was a man who brought it in, and men don't pay much attention to detail.  So said man probably had it still stuck inside his button up?  Please tell me the cleaners aren't that ignorant.  It gave us a good laugh though.

We spent last Saturday at the annual crawfish boil at the Crager's with the guys JM played football with at MC.  Each of the guys below have been in attendance the past several years, but unfortunately we missed the Kingrea's this year.  Here's for a trip down memory lane.
Enjoying the crawfish boil with daddy.
These cuties, Preston & Pace Perrett are only 3 weeks younger than Ryder.

American Idol is on as I type, and it reminded me of something funny that happened last week on the show.  Did any of you notice after one of the contestants finished singing and they began the judges comments in the usual order...Randy spoke, then Ellen, and then it was Kara's turn.  And Kara started her spiel with "I've got to say, I agree with the guys on this one."  Poor Ellen.


  1. the dry cleaners have returned dry cleaned gym shorts to my dad before. so they must get laundry like that regularly. Hope Ryder feels better soon!

  2. Poor Ryder! We haven't been plagued with hand, foot and mouth yet but I hear it is no fun. So sorry :( But I am so glad we got to see everyone Saturday and meet Mr. Ryder. He is even cuter in person!