I Want My Giggle Box Back

Sadly, I have to report that booger bear (booger being the operative word), has had a cold all week. I just assumed he'd have to let it pass since he's always been to young to take medicine for it, but then Connie reminded me I could ask the doctor since he is over 6 months. I text (!!!) Kristen since she is a nurse at Children's Medical Group and asked if he could take anything, she said yes, and I made the call. So now little boogie is on some kind of cold medicine. I'm hoping it's the sickness, or even the medicine, but he has not cracked one smile or baby laugh since we gave him the medicine. Pray for him please, I need a giggle.
MY FACTS: I want to share some of the things that I love in life: having the family and friends I have, someone playing with my hair, seeing Ryder's sweet face as soon as he wakes up, when John Michael does the grocery shopping, buying new clothes, the capability to text, being in a really good mood, sales, having a job that is easy going, flexible and stress free, food, being spontaneous, Saturdays, organizing, making people feel good about themselves, being married to a Christian man, and these pictures:

Thanks Connie, we love them!

SBW Upate: Super Bulldog Weekend was fun, but things didn't exactly happen as planned. First of all, when we got there I wanted John Michael and I to take Ryder to the Cotton District Arts Festival, but it was really hot and JM was wanting to go to the tailgate to help set up. So that was axed. But, we did get to take Ryder out to the tailgate for a bit, which was fun and he could not have been better. Then, I was ready to shop, so mom and I left the tailgate and the journey began, but wait... we only made it to one store because Ryder fell asleep and I didn't want to wake him. Mom and I decided to take him to Carolyn's (where she was staying), and she offered to keep him for me so that I could go back to the tailgate. I unloaded all of his things (I overpacked in a big way -- roughly 40 diapers if that gives you any indication), got him settled in, and headed back to the tailgate. Luckily we got to watch the game in the box, so we were not hot and had a comfy place to sit. After the game, the plans were to pick up Ryder from Carolyn's and take him to West Point to stay with the Ketchum's. Axed again. We decided that we would not want to wake up Ryder again by taking him to eat then to West Point, so we just figured the easiest thing to do was to drive back home. So that's what we did. As I said, we didn't quite follow the plans we had made on our way there, but it was still good to see everyone and be in Starkville!

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