Five Fact Friday

Before I begin...don't you like my new header? I'm not savvy with things like this and I wanted one so bad I watched a tutorial on how to do it. Proud of myself because I don't like doing things that I have to read the manual for.

1. I'm afraid of rubber bands. If someone does that thing where they hold it with their two pointer fingers and act like they are going to shoot it at you, I start to tense up. Last night we were sitting in the bed watching TV and JM did this me. He was holding it really close to my face and even though I knew he would never let it go, my heart started to beat really fast. I calmly asked him to get that thing out of my face and he continued to hold it there while snickering. I want to grab it from him but I was too afraid to move thinking it might blast off into my face. Then I started to get really mad. I think he got the hint.

2. Almost all of Ryder's cutest outfits (the john john's, etc), come from thrift stores in Clinton. I have several Kelly's Kids outfits that came from there, all 25 cents each. Just put it in the wash and throw a monogram or applique on there and wah-lah, good as new. My mom is my personal thrift store shopper. Beat that!

3. I used to want to write books. When I worked at Reed's we sold the book "Homesick" by Sela Ward (she was on the show Sisters...grew up in Meridian). It was a memoir about her life in Mississippi & Hollywood. While I was staying in Starkville over the Thanksgiving holiday for work, I read it in between customers and got inspired. Since I was stuck in Starkville by myself without school work, I began to write. I saved what I had started to a floppy disk and tucked it away to finish later on. I have no idea where that disk is today.

4. When people ask "What is your most embarrasing moment?", I have several that come to mind...one which happened very recently.
  • When I was about ten I went to the local neighborhood pool. I took off my t-shirt, then my shorts and I guess I was just on a roll because then I took off my bathing suit top. I even took a few steps toward the pool when I realized I was topless. Luckily I wasn't one of those "early developers."

  • In 9th grade I was cheering at our pep rally and I had to "go up" (you know where the girls below hold your feet and you are up in the air doing the arm motions). Well after the pep rally a few friends told me that the whole time I was up my cheerleader skirt was stuck in the TOP of my bloomers, so my whole behind was showing.

  • The worst one yet... Now I know this isn't something many of you want to visualize, but in the airport a couple of weeks ago I was in the handicapped bathroom pumping between flights. Not only is it loud in airport bathrooms, but the pump can put out some noise as well. I was really bored pumping because it takes about 7 minutes so I was looking down at my phone texting and before I knew it, I look up and the door is wide open. I have no idea how long it had been open because I didn't hear it due to the loudness, but no one was standing there (I'm sure they moved to the side so they wouldn't have to embarrass me). If you have ever pumped before, you know what I mean by this: it was either drop the pump and milk go everywhere or drag the thing while still attached out to pull the door closed. If this was a little bathroom it wouldn't be hard, but you know how huge the handicapped bathroom doors are. I'll stop right there, but trust me, it was humiliating.
5. I'm a Reality show junkie. I watch them all. The Real World, Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Real Housewives of NY, New Jersey, Atlanta and OC, Kell on Earth & Rachel Zoe Project (my two favorites), Dancing with the Stars, Millionaire Matchmaker, The Girls Next Door (old cast), The Bachelor/Ette, The Hills, The City, Kendra, don't make me go on. Wednesday night on American Idol Lacey Brown got cut... now I'm not so much going to miss her vocals, but I'm sure going to miss seeing what she's going to wear each week. That girl has fabulous style!

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