A Failed Attempt

Yesterday I got off work at 4:00 and decided to go home and get some house work done before picking up Ryder at 5. Then I decided to surprise JM by cooking dinner. You may ask, why would this be a surprise, isn't that what wives do? Well, as you all know Ryder turned 6 months this week. How does a full-time working mom cook dinner on a nightly basis? I hear about these super moms, but I don't get it...obviously. So for the past 6 months we have either gone out to eat, made tacos, frozen pizza, cereal or sandwiches, unless JM does the cooking. I was very excited about my plan and started pulling out cookbooks left and right. What to make? Since we are pretty low on ingredients it took forever to find something I had the ingredients for. I started the search. Frozen chicken CHECK. Sour Cream CHECK (only because it was left over from taco night). Ritz Crackers CHECK (only because we snack on them constantly and dip them in peanut butter). Cream of Chicken YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! Can you guess what I made? That's right, poppyseed chicken. I needed a side and out of the thousands of canned goods we stock up on, all we had left were purple hull peas CHECK. Then, I found a can of crescent rolls in the fridge that expired this week IT'S MY LUCKY DAY - CHECK. I even spiced things up a bit and sprinkled parmesean cheese on the rolls before I baked them. I thought of that all by myself. So, I'm running around like mad trying to have the chicken boiled by the time I need to get Ryder. So I call to see if JM can. No, he can't. But while we're on the phone he asks what we want to do about dinner, I say let's just do cereal or a sandwich or something. He agrees and we hang up. About an hour later I have everything cooked and have even had time to clean up my mess. During clean up I went ahead and made Ryder's bottles for the next day and I mixed 2 oz. of formula in the bottles because I'm running low on milk. Around this time JM calls again to say he stopped by Kroger to pick up a frozen pizza (surprised?) but that he's on the way home. Finally, I hear the garage. Ryder is napping and of course as soon as the garage opens I hear him crying. I run in there to pick him up so that I can be in the kitchen in time to see JM's reaction. The crying gets louder and I can hear that JM is in the garage on the phone, so I go to the bedroom to nurse him and in comes JM on the phone. I hear him open the fridge then he comes in the bedroom to see Ryder (still on the phone at this point). There is no acknowledgement that dinner is on the stove, he just kind of tickles Ryder and continues to talk on the phone. As soon as he hung up he said a few words to Ryder and here is what follows:

JM: "What the heck is that chocolate milk you put in Ryder's bottle?"
Brittany: No words spoken, just that face like 'are ya kiddin' me'? (I know he is joking about the chocolate milk and is talking about the forumla but I don't say anything).
JM: "The chocolate milk, what's with that?"
Brittany: "Did you notice anything when you walked in?"
JM: "Dinner?"
Brittany: "Yes."
JM: "Oh yeah, when I walked in I thought maybe you had bought a candle that smelled like dinner."

I think somebody owes me!


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