Sick on Snow Day

As I wrote a couple of nights ago, Ryder's had a slight cold the past several days and I thought it was from not being swaddled and having that extra warmth. That could still be it, but he hasn't gotten over the cold. We pulled out the ole' sleep sack to replace the swaddle. I bought it when Ryder was like 2 weeks old and didn't really know what we would use it for, I just thought it was cute and funny. I totally forgot we had it until JM's mom reminded me that we could use that as as his "blanket." It has worked really well the past 3 nights... will post a picture of it soon.

On to the runny nose/cough attacks - We took him to see Dr. Penny yesterday just to make sure it wasn't RSV or worse. He tested negative for RSV and she said to just wait it out and make sure he doesn't get a fever. Although I hate taking him for an unexpected visit since that means something is wrong, I always find the silver lining -- getting his height and weight checked =)

At 5 months and a couple days old he weighed in at 16.2 lb (fully clothed and wearing a diaper), so I'm thinking he's about 16 lb and he was 26 1/2 inches. As most of you know, we've had some problems with his skin and his head. He scratches it to bleeding every single day, so we're just ready to get down to the bottom of what is making it itch so bad. So, on Monday we're headed to see a dermatologist. We are both off on Monday for... is it President's Day? One of those... Will update after the visit.

Happy Snowing!

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