A Time to Give Thanks

This Thanksgiving season I have so much to be grateful for: A beautiful healthy baby boy! Not to mention my own health, wonderful family and friends, a home, food on the table, clothes on my back. I always find myself having to stop and think about how much I have, and so often I take it for granted. That is my goal, to realize what I've got each and every day. Our Thanksgiving started off last night at my dads, he knows we've got so many families to visit so we always get to eat the non-traditional holiday meals, which we love and definitely appreciate! We were stuffed from the wonderful white chili, salad, baked potato, fruit and bread YUM YUM. Tonight, we're off to JM's family get together in Benton. Tomorrow for lunch we'll go to Greenville and Friday I get to do the ever so popular black Friday shopping for the first year EVER! Saturday, I have another first... first football game of the year. My season tickets haven't gotten much love this season. Then, Sunday we're having Thanksgiving with the family in Clinton. So many places to go, but how can you complain when you're loved by so many?

By the way, Ryder is loving his babysitter, Mrs. Connie. John Michael drops him off in the mornings and he says Ryder giggles and giggles every single morning. I hate that I'm missing all this while at work, but I am happy that he is happy. When I picked Ryder up Monday, I was so surprised with his first piece of art work, a hand print Turkey! Now Ryder is 11 weeks old, we are really starting to figure everything out, for the most part. It's neat that you know how to "fix" things. What to do when he cries, makes grunting noises, etc. He loves his swing, he doesn't like to be held in a cradle, but over our shoulder. When we sing lullabies at night, he is wide-eyed as ever, and his favorite thing of all... the BATH! How lucky are we? Giving a bath could be a very stressful situation if the baby doesn't cooperate, but please do not fear, it's his best time of the day.

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