Lots of Surprise Visits!

Ryder got a surprise visit from his aunt Kayla on his 4 week old birthday! We were so surprised and excited to see her, we didn't want her to leave =(

We're so proud of him lifting his little head! He's been doing this for a couple of weeks now.

Here he is at one month or 4 weeks, whichever it is...

Ryder also got a visit from his new friend Leighton Butler, Katie's little girl and Kristen's neice. She is so precious and kept telling him she loved him and sang him "Jesus Loves You"

Ryder also got to visit his great grandmother, Meme, last week in Greenville, and on the way we gave a surprise visit to his Nanni in Yazoo City at her office. We are just full of surprises lately!

I just love this little bath pic... so sweet

Last night we were sitting in the bed and John Michael caught this smiley face...
must've been making a dirty...

Here is Ryder with his aunt Marlee and cousin Sellers, and aunt Courtney and cousin Walker. Ryder and Sellers are 3 months apart and he and Walker are a little over 2 years apart.

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  1. love to get Leighton naked and show her where a baby comes from