The Time Has Come!

I know it's been a while, but since the last time I posted, we have now set a date to be induced on Tuesday, September 8 (if he doesn't decide to come over the weekend). Dr. Moses seemed confident that he would come before then, but it's already Friday and nothing yet... so we'll see! I've been reminded over and over again that it is a full moon tonight, so maybe we'll get to meet him sooner than we thought. We were both kind of unsure if we wanted to induce because I really wanted to experience the whole "Oh my gosh, this is it" feeling and running out the door, etc., but when the option is there, it's just too hard to turn down. My hands and fingers have been completely numb for the past week and it is driving me crazy. Other than that (and normal but very painful back ache), I have no complaints about this pregnancy. It has been very easy and quite enjoyable! However, PLEASE keep us in your prayers over the next few days. I'm really nervous and anxious about this whole procedure, as I have NO experience in the area of birthing a child! Thanks thanks thanks!

I also have Ryder's room ready! I'll post some pictures below. I could not have done this without my mom, she picked out everything for me. I was getting so frustrated with picking out fabric and she was out almost everyday going to different places. I got the curtains and table topper at Premier Fabrics and the chair cushions & bottom of the table fabric from The Linen Shop. I got the bedding from Playpen and the canvases are from Easely Amused. I think it all turned out really cute! I know it's not the most boyish room, but I just don't know how to do that just yet...

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